“I believe in creating a very special and personalized experience that begins the moment we meet. “


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Form the second we make contact I will be trying to get to know everything about you. I want to make this a very memorable experience for you to look back on and feel nothing but love every time you revisit the photos from our session.

 Here are the different sessions I offer:

 More Information:

What Time do you hold your sessions?

I like to capture my sessions in the morning around 10 am and in the evening around 5 pm.  I find that these times of the day work best for lighting and the timing around little one's naps/ bed times etc., but of course I am open to any time that will accommodate your family's schedule. 

How long are your sessions?

All my sessions last anywhere from 40-60 minutes. You will always be guaranteed 40 minutes for Family and Maternity sessions and 60 minutes for Newborn Sessions.  This is generally more than enough time to capture 60+ images, but if we need more time, I will certainly continue our session until I feel I have captured what I need to. 

What location do you use for an outdoor session?

I have several locations that I use around Fort Mill and Charlotte.  I try to choose a location that will be convenient for your family to travel to, but if you have a recommendation, I am always open to explore new territories.  

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