Staging your house for a lifestyle session- Charlotte Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

 When planning for a lifestyle session in your home you want to make sure you get the best images back from your photographer.  There are a few things you should consider doing in order to make sure you do not have anything taking away from your beautiful family.  

1) Declutter.  Put away any items that could be distracting in the background.  These items would include very brightly colored toys, pillows, blankets... Pretty much anything that does not go with the scheme of the room.  The simpler, the better.

2) Change out bedding.  If you have a bright colored comforter, or something with a busy pattern, change it out to something light or white colored.   The reason why I suggest this, is because most lifestyle photographers will take photos with the family in the master bedroom.  In order to avoid any weird color casts, it is best to stick to neutral or white colored bedding.  Also, anything with a busy pattern can take away from the beautiful images. 

3) Wear light colored or neutral colored clothing.  This is the same concept as the bedding.  By wearing a bright colored shirt or dress , you risk the color cast of that article of clothing to reflect onto your skin tones, making it appear like you have red skin, if wearing a red shirt, or green skin, if wearing a green shirt etc.  Keep the clothing simple, clean and free of any distracting logos. 

Here are some examples of a beautifully staged  lifestyle newborn session.