Hi! I’m Erika.


    Hi , I’m Erika! I am a photographer in the Charlotte, NC area.  To say that photography is my passion is an understatement. I live it breathe it and think it all hours of the day. If people could read my thoughts they might think that I was a bit crazy…yeah, I think about it THAT much. 😊

My crazy passion started back when I was in high school... about 20 years ago (not trying to give my age away).  I  would purposely give up my lunch hour to spend it in the dark room processing film and developing photos.  I was a total geek for photography.    

     Once I graduated high school, I attended the University of Michigan on an athletic scholarship to play field hockey.  When I enrolled I was told that the art school would not be an option due to the demands of my athletic schedule, so I did as I was told and enrolled in the school of kinesiology (movement science).  I knew from the beginning that this was NOT the right fit for me. I had no interest in any of the subjects and almost failed out of school. (Well, I just stopped going to classes, which is the main reason why)…   I knew my heart belonged in the art school, so in my junior year I enroll in some art classes that wouldn't interfere with my athletic training and instantly knew that my heart belonged there.  

    Once I completed that semester I transferred out of the school of Kinesiology into the school of Liberal Arts where I ended up graduating with a degree in General Studies… Yeah, not sure what that degree means either, but it was what kept me from losing a ton of credits, and allowed me to get my diploma.

Immediately after college I entered the working world as a data analyst for Delphi and a year and a half later got a job as a quality engineer for the automotive plant in Flint, Michigan. Yeah, FLINT Michigan… as in the city with one of the highest crime rates in the nation and most recently, the nasty water scandal.   Although the job paid well, my heart was not in it...

     Fast forward a few years later, I got married and had my first daughter… When she was born I became obsessed with photography all over again… I wanted to capture every. single. detail. My husband knew how much I loved to take photos so in 2010 he bought me my first DSLR camera. I wanted to learn everything about that camera and shortly after I got it I started taking photos for friends and their families.   Every time I provided a new family with their photos my heart was so happy.. I knew that THIS was I was meant to do. I was meant to capture precious memories for people to cherish FOREVER!

It’s funny how things ultimately came full circle and led me back to my passion, which is why I believe that if something is meant to be in your life it will show it’s face time and time again. I am now a photographer in the Charlotte, NC area and I love that this has allowed me to meet new people in the area and provide them with beautiful images that they can love and hang on to for a life time.

I would love love love to work with you!!