Don't Stress.... It's just Photos!- Charlotte Lifestyle Family Photographer

     I know it can be overwhelming at times to think about organizing a photo session for your family.  We all envision our kids to be well dressed, hair combed and acting like angels, but the reality is they won't be ANYTHING like this!  I mean, I like to keep it real, and although the idea is great and all, chances are things wont be perfect... and that's OK!    


  It's time to let go of that "perfect" image and take it for what it's going to be...  kids being kids and your family being your family.   I think most parents get stressed out during a photo shoot when things don't go the way the envisioned it to go, so they start threatening the kids and in return I get stiff, forced smiles.     


     During my photo shoots I want to capture families being themselves... I like to capture the moments when kids wander off on their own, or when Mom or Dad have a tickle session with their kiddos, because these moments produce the most beautiful and genuine smiles.   I will never forcefully pose anyone because then it looks forced. If it doesn't work out then we move on the the next.   

  My goal is for each family to walk away with photos that they can look back on and remember their family's personalities during that moment in time. 

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