How to prepare for your family session

A lot of people feel stressed out when they start thinking about planning for their family photo session.   I promise there is no reason to be stressed out.   Here is what you need to do in order to make sure you have a stress-free experience.


1-2 months before:   Book your session.

Find a photographer who's style you love and book your session!  Booking your session at least a month or two in advance will give you plenty of time to start thinking about what you want you family's outfits to look like.  Notice how I said "thinking"... If you are anything like me, you will wait until you have 1-2 weeks left to start actually planning outfits, which is still plenty of time.  



1-2 weeks before: Start planning out outfits

Now that you have an idea of what you want your outfits to look like, go through everyone's closets at home and start pulling out articles of clothing that are within the scheme of what  you were thinking. If you need any accessories or new pants for Joey,  you can do a little shopping or order it online and have plenty of time for them to arrive. Two words: AMAZON PRIME!   

*if you need more inspiration about outfits and color scheme visit HERE.  



1 Day Before Session:  Prepare outfits

Lay out everyones outfits and accessories and make sure they are ironed and ready to go for your session.  

Tip: It might be safest to keep everyones outfits in your room. This way everyones outfits are accounted for and nothing will go missing the day of the shoot.  



Day of Session: Don't Stress & HAVE FUN!

Feed your kids a snack about an hour and a half before your session.  Once they have had a snack, start getting them dressed.  Make the experience of getting dressed fun.  Turn on music, dance, and play with your kids while getting dressed.  Don't stress about their hair looking perfect, because chances are that it will not look perfect when you arrive for your shoot.  (Just make sure their hair is combed and there are not any "alfalfa hairs" sticking straight up. You can always do a quick touch up once you arrive on location. )  

Don't forget to HAVE FUN and ENJOY the experience!!  Yes, it is an experience... If you have fun it will shine through in your images, and that is what you want to remember about this time, right?!?