My Approach To Family Photography

I am a big believer in creating and capturing memories for families to cherish FOREVER…. I am not your average photographer. I do not photograph for the perfect Christmas card, but rather for a series of images that tell a story. I like to capture memories, keeping the personalities of families as genuine as possible.

When you book a session with me I will give you general directions as to where to sit, but my direction is very general… I like to keep things organic and capture your family interacting with one another. Laughing, touching, dancing and moving without feeling robotic.

I want to give you the gift of capturing your life in that moment perfectly. I want you to look back and remember the way your child used to throw their head back the they laughed. The little gap in your little one had in their front teeth. The spotted freckles on their little nose. These are the details that I don’t want you to forget, and I would be honored if you would let me help you capture them!