Is Newborn Photography Worth It?

Here is a question that a lot of expecting moms ask themselves. Is newborn photography worth it? As a photographer I say, it all depends on whether you value photography or not, but as a mom I say, ABSOLUTELY YES, it is so worth it!

Whether you are a first time parent or have had multiple, you know that the first few months after having a baby are a huge blur. You are feeding around the clock and running off of zero sleep, so I completely understand that showering and putting on make-up are the last thing you want to even think of… But put those thoughts aside and think about being able to look back and revisit your itty bitty baby. Looking at that tiny nose and those tiny lips again and being able to see the way they would just stare into your eyes… So, YES, it’s SO worth it! If you are expecting and have been contemplating whether you should book one or not, DO IT! I’d love to chat with you about the entire process. I really do not think that ANY mom has ever regretted booking a newborn session.