Documenting Baby's First Year

A lot of people often wonder which stages should you capture in the first year… When is the best time?

Honestly, there is no exact right time, but typically people chose to document at the newborn, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year milestones.

Here are the stages I like to document for all my “first year” clients:

1) Maternity: I love Maternity sessions. There is so much excitement around baby and mom is always glowing! I like to schedule these sessions when mom is between 32-36 weeks. During this time, mom is still very comfortable and she will have a bump big enough to document. Even though this stage is not usually documented as part of a “Baby’s First Year” Plan It is so much fun to add it in and include as part of the total package.

Charlotte Maternity
Charlotte Maternity

2) Newborn: I like to schedule this within the first 5-10 days after birth. During this time they are super sleepy and squishy and it might be the last time the are small enough to curl up in mom and dad’s hands.

Charlotte Newborn Session

3) 6 Months: This my favorite age to photograph. I love the chubby legs, the rolls on their arms, and the little buddha bellies… And I also love that I don’t have to worry about them running away from me! 😊. Around this time baby will able to sit up independently on their own. If they aren’t sitting up at 6 months it’s ok to wait an extra month or so until they can.

4) 1 Year Old: Probably the biggest milestone besides the birth and for good reason! Most like to document this stage to get photos for their birthday invitations, but also to capture them perfectly their first year of life.

Baby's First Birthday Charlotte, NC
Baby's First Birthday Charlotte, NC

I offer a discount on the sessions when they are purchased together. You can add on a one year package to a maternity session to get a bigger discount . Contact me for details or to book your session.

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