How to Find your Perfect Photographer.

Not all photographers are created equal, so before you book a photographer there are a few things that you should consider.

Here are a list of questions to ask before you book your session:

1) What genre do they shoot?

Most people think that every photographer can shoot any genre of photos… although this is technically true, each photographer will usually specialize in one or two types of genres. Some are primarily newborn photographers, while others shoot weddings. So, if you are looking for a newborn photographer do not book a sports photographer! It’s not that they can’t do it, it’s just that they are less likely to create the vision that you have in mind for your newborn shoot. And the same goes for every other genre.


2) Do you like their style?

A photographer’s style isn’t what they are wearing, but more their editing and posing style. Does their style match up with your vision of what you want your photographs to look like? A lot of the time people will hire a photographer and not be happy with their editing or posing style because they didn’t ask to see a portfolio before booking. Each photographer has their own style in posing and editing. Some edit light and airy, while others are dark and moody. And some will pose a lot while others will capture what unfolds organically. The point is, find a photographer who’s style speaks to your style.


3) Find out what they charge?

Ok, so now that you’ve found a photographer who’s style you love, it’s time to figure out what sort of investment you are going to have to make in order to document your family’s story. Some photographers will not list their pricing on their website, so you will need to contact them and ask. Others will let you know right off the bat what an average client typically invests with them. This doesn’t mean that you have to, but they are letting you know on average what a client will invest. For example, if a photographer states “packages start at”, be ready to spend more than that amount. Make sure you have a good idea of what they sell and how those products are priced in order to avoid any surprises after your session.

4) What is their availability?

Most photographers like to book at least a month or two in advance, and if they are popular, chances are they will be booked up even further in advance, especially for the busy months of September - December. Do not wait until the last minute to book your photographer, because chances are they will be booked up. Make sure to find out the photographers availability in order to give you enough time to book and plan outfits for your session.

5) Look them up on social Media.

Find out if the photographer has a social media page and look them up. This will be a great way to see their work and personality (if they post in facebook and instagram stories). You can really get to know someone through these avenues before you actually get to meet them in person and ease any anticipation before your session. Trust me, it works! Besides, this is the person who will tell your family’s story, so make sure you invest wisely.

Good luck hunting!!