My Tribe

I have always envisioned taking photos of my kiddos in a field with wild flowers and rolling hills in the background.  Its been about 2 years that I have had my eye on this field.  I drive by it EVERY day and every time I'd think "this field would be great for photos!"... Finally, when my husband suggested we get out on Easter and update our family photos I knew exactly where we were going to go to take them.  I loaded up my camera gear and tripod and we headed down the road.   I am so madly in love with these photos of my kids, especially because I was able to capture them EXACTLY as they are in this stage in their lives.   It seems as though I blink and they are a year older, so I am hoping we make his an annual tradition.  Overall, I am so happy that I was able to finally accomplish my dream of photos in this field, and it was EVERYTHING I thought it would be!  Here are the photos from our little family session.