What you need to know:


All of my sessions are designed to highlight the realness of you.

Once we get to the location of our session, the rest is easy! All you have to do is get your people to the session spot and we will embrace, skip, run and capture. You guys be your awesome selves and the photos will speak for themselves.

Once you book you will receive further details to get you completely ready for the shoot.


The Golden Hour:


Once we have the session details nailed down, I will have you meet me about one hour before sunset. This is called the “golden hour” and makes for magical lighting. In the Fall this is about 5:00pm in Spring around 7pm. (Excluding indoor lifestyle newborn sessions).

Although some families find this time hard for little ones, I find once we are outdoors and exploring the terrain together there is minimal fussiness and usually many opportunities to capture the bonds in each little family. Besides, it makes for GORGEOUS lighting!!


About the weather:


I always try my best to avoid cancellations, however if the conditions are unsafe and/or unideal for photos, I will try and cancel a session no less than 12 hours before the session time.

If you’re coming in from out of town:

I recommend 2-3 evenings when we can potentially do your family’s photo session. You never know when bad weather will hit!

Cancellation Policy

I completely understand that things come up, especially with little ones, so I will work with you to reschedule to a different time. Any payments already made will be retained by me and we figure out a new date that works.

If the session cannot be rescheduled, you will forfeit your initial deposit of $250.



Newborn Session

1.5 Hour Session

(First 48 & Lifestyle)

Professional Image Retouching

Online Viewing Gallery 

3- Mini Brag Books


Family. Session

1 Hour Session

 (Outdoor or In-Home)

Includes all immediate family  

Professional Image Retouching

Online Viewing Gallery 


Maternity Session

1 Hour Session

 (Outdoor or In-Home)

Spouse and Children Included

Professional Image Retouching

Online Viewing Gallery


High. School

1.5 Hour Session

I offer 3 different sessions:

-Incoming Senior Session

-Friendship Session

-Off to College Session